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factory outlet louis vuitton france

oon the Ta to 1000 billion, while the new body is making Qiao Group Ben, Ben is not the root silver Zhi, Shan how to change the governance structure of China's silver Zhi? Moreover, the Bank of American Na Zhi are gone, even if they change the Shan of China What is Yi Yi?

5 Dian Zhi Hua Xia Bank

Germany Yizhi silver Zhihuo Saar billion shares, representing China's 14% silver Zhi number of shares per share price of $ 4.5, now nearly 14 million, net profit of more than 5.6 billion yuan. German silver Zhi has been holding the other 50 billion into the hands of present German of China has formed a joint holding, the bank name or the Bank of factory outlet louis vuitton france China Zhi Zhi Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Galleria PM M56382 Handbag , the actual foreign-owned banks have become Zhi Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Hampstead PM N51207 .

6 Dian Bank of China to pay Tong Zhi Zhi

HSBC Bank (HSBC) holdings to pay Zhi 19.9 % of the shares, investment 14.461 billion yuan factory outlet louis vuitton france to buy 9.115 billion shares at 1.86 yuan. pay Zhi May 2006, factory outlet louis vuitton france listed in Hong Kong, and now market value of over HK $ 10, net profit of nearly 800 billion in 2007 domestic listed A shares issued Zhi they earn more than 500 million, total nearly 140 billion, 10-fold return.

7 Dian Zhi

China Construction Bank IPO, the United factory outlet louis vuitton france States silver Zhihuo Temasek $ 2.5 billion, respectively, Huo $ 1.466 billion purchase of building Zhi Huo 5.1%, 9% of the shares, price per share of about 0.94 Hong Kong dollars. hair Zhi price of 2.35 Hong Kong dollars, the factory outlet louis vuitton france most Hao price of 5.35 Hong Kong dollars. According to the present construction Zhi total of 224.7 billion shares, the two net profit of more than 13 one hundred UGG Classic Women Boots Sale million Hong Kong dollars.

8 Pudong Development Bank Zhi Dian Hua

invested $ 67 million Citigroup acquired 4.62% stake in Shanghai Pudong Development Zhi, more than 180 million shares, about 2.96 yuan per share, and the agreement provides for the right to purchase future Hua 19.9% Citigroup of the shares present Pudong Zhi share price more than 38 yuan, net profit of 6.2 billion yuan Hua Qi present flag has not been Zhi Hua right, once the right to earn 6.2 billion Zhi several times.

9 Dian Zhi

2004 Minsheng Bank year, Temasek's Asia Finance Corporation to 1.1 (about 800 million yuan) million dollars to buy Minsheng Zhi 236 million shares, representing Minsheng Zhi 4.55% of total shares, about 3.72 yuan, the current stock has Ta 12 yuan more, plus two years of Transmission and Distribution, has a market value Ta 5.0 billion, net profit of about 40 billion.

(low-cost transfer of foreign trade on Xun net profit of approximately 92 billion, plus the following Kuang hair Zhi, loss of more than 1 trillion yuan, which Jue Bu large transfer of points is the loss of the year 2006, together with joint venture has been into the whole Buhun listed dozens of other Qiong Fang silver Zhi Mi, future losses will be more amazing )

10 Dian Kuang Zhi

2006 East Development Bank of the United States flag silver Zhi Hua joint acquisition with the name of his own money but 60 billion, with 355.8 billion yuan on the control of the total assets of 27 points Zhi Dian Dian 502 net Dim, with 83 countries Huomi District 917 silver Zhi Zhi with Prada Ladies Fashionable Style Oil Dewaxing Leather Shoulder Bag 29152 Pink agency relationship for many years among the world's silver Zhi Kuang stubborn 500 East development bank Zhi. Dian China Mobile and China National Grid Huo Trust also take into the 60 billion, 180 billion. in vain to give as gifts also Jiao Zhi silver then take into the Gucci Handbags, Louis Vuitton Handbags, Discount Prada Handbags, Authentic Burberry Handbags, MIU MIU bags 18 billion, has gone beyond the Hun full scope of market exchange.

11 Bo Hai Dian square silver silver

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